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Jane Zempel

The whole situation makes me so sad, especially for my grandchildren. How scary it must be for them to see all these masked people and the store's PA system blaring warnings of keeping social distancing. Like you, I am finding solace in the beauty of nature.


This virus sure has had a surreal effect on our everyday lives. I don't like it either. I just hope we can all get back to normal at some point. This social distancing thing is not healthy for our minds and hearts.

So glad Sam finally gave up. Poor guy must've been so frustrated that he couldn't get satisfaction dealing with his mirror nemesis! 😂

Take care, Vicki! Your peonies are certainly a solace. Gorgeous!


Thanks so much for your posts full of loveliness at this disconcerting time.

I don't like the "new normal" either. It's so odd to me that we had to stop using our reusable cloth bags (which can be washed) and go back to the old single-use plastic bags which only a few months ago were politically incorrect.

None of this social distancing or masks is healthy. I feel as if the "solution" for this virus is all out of proportion and most of it is dehumanizing in some way. I had a Grandpa tell me the other day that he continued to see and hug his small grandsons (2 and 4) throughout the crisis because they just wouldn't understand if he suddenly stopped. That made a lot of sense.

Thanks so much for all of the beauty that you share here, whether flowers from your yard or beautiful things that you have made. I particularly love your dollhouse posts and vintage embroidery. Things like that are helping me stay sane and focused on God's goodness.

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