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How pretty! Lilacs are my favorite flower. I remember way back when, every yard had a snowball bush and a lilac. Where I live (N. MI) the daffodils and forsythias are just starting to bloom. Happy Spring!



Oh I love seeing your snowball bush blooming so happily! You are way ahead of me for my lilacs are just tight buds. Happy Spring!


said the echo...


I read snowballs and thought "What the Heck". Then I saw your lovely garden! My peony don't bloom till much later. They are just popping through the dirt now. Lilacs are just starting to bloom a little. I finally had warm enough weather to get my hands dirty filling in holes the dogs have dug! This is a lovely post. So happy to have a visit with you.
xx, Carol


I've never seen snowball flowers, but they are breathtaking. I love the lilac too. The flowers are pretty and the scent heavenly. Thank you for a peek in your world. :) I hope you and your family are well.


Beautiful. I have a shrub that looks a lot like your snowball... Always a sight to see! Thanks for sharing. PS - count me in on the hand embroiderers. I've been doing pillowcases for gifts. Have a niece getting married and simply must do a his & hers set. :-)


I have the very same snowball flowers, and they are called viburnum. They are so sweet aren't they? I also got to enjoy our peonies as well. Love springtime in the garden! I sure wish I had your lilacs!!


Your garden is beautiful, as always. Snowballs are on of my favorite flowers. Yours is awesome. I hope all is well in your corner of the world.

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