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So sweet! They are all nice, but I especially like those McCall patterns you showed last.


What a lot of fun this post was from the discussion of artists/cartoonists to a free download. You are a sweetheart. I still have my fabric waiting for the state wildflower quilt waiting. I have not been able to embroider for several years now and the time may have passed entirely. Nevertheless, I am always interested in what you're doing!

Penny H

I love the little boy patterns. And yes, I think I agree that men may have made some of these designs. Question: do you have a pattern for the Good Morning and Good Night pillows?


I enjoyed this post about the new patterns you are adding to PatternBee.
Thank you for the free butterfly download.


What a lovely little room you have there and so tidy. I remember my great aunt had so many metal stencils like our rulers for rotary cutting but made of metal with patterns. She used her patterns to sew on sheets , pillow cases and towels. She did monogramming and used the long metal rulers or stencils to sew along the top of the bed sheets.. I wish i knew her better and asked her what was everything for ? I just remember being 5 or 6 and noticing all of it very carefully. Im now 50 and wonder if those sewing things and my granny's sewing had an influence on my quilting :) I remember the stuff had a lot of Burda on it..


Vintage embroidery patterns are so cute. I love the baseball pots..made me think "And the dish ran away with the spoon". Funny how your mind works!


That clock potholder is so cute! I love the tea kettle above it, too. Wouldn't that make a cute pocket for an apron? Thanks for keeping the love of old fashioned embroidery alive. I have some old transfers that I found in some Needle Basket magazines that were free at a garage sale. They are just so sweet!


Loved this post.


Oooo, I love it all!
I also loved the little glimpses into your "workrooms"
Smiles, DianeM

Kathy Bennett

I love the "Retro Kitchen" patterns. I'll be watching Pattern Bee for them!

Kathy Bennett

I should have checked first before I posted the first comment - I've found them! Yay!

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