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Account Deleted

What a wonderful way to start this lovely month, though Mr. McGregor might disagree. It's a bit early for the lettuces though, or we might feel a bit differently too! I did purchase chives yesterday though, mostly for the blossoms, which I love. They always make a pretty border in the garden. My garden hare is a concrete one, but we did have a pet rabbit, once upon a time, and I was amazed at how quickly she could destroy a plant. Did you know that we're not supposed to feed lettuce to rabbits?

I love both these books, and bought them from our "family" business, Amazon. My brother in law is a vice president there, and helped to create the Kindle, and I have a niece who works there as well. I hope you'll be able to find the books. I think you'll feel right at home within their covers.



Beatrix Potter's Gardening Life was a great book!

Debra Wortman

I might just have to purchase those books as well! I am a fan of both Beatrix Potter and Jill Barklem. Vicki, your new pattern offerings are charming!

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