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Love that daffodil pattern--thanks for sharing!

vintage grey

Beautiful spring flowers! Darling kitty planter! Have a lovely weekend! xo Heather


Thank you so much for the spring embroidery... I need some perking up. Glad, too, that you have found a way to dispatch the skunks. Hope that the aroma is long gone.


Wonderful free pattern says the woman with snow on the ground and the temperature hovering in the 20s! The sight of the daffodils warms me. I know spring will come to us on the east coast BUT WHEN?? At least the cold has kept out skunks away. Glad you are able to open your windows.
Also love (and just ordered) the animal flower pots-a duck AND a chicken-need I say more? Annie

Karen B

Thank you for sharing the spring flowers. They are so pretty.


It is still winter here...cold, gray & windy. My daffodils have not even poked through the ground yet, so thanks for sharing yours!

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