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Yikes!! i am happy we just have much needed rain. Your snow looks so pretty and your cookies delicious. everything always seems lovely there.


Oh my! That is a lot of snow and snow adventure. Glad that you are keeping cozy and busy and well fed!

Account Deleted

I always think of snow like this as an adventure too. It sounds cozy and quite nice to me, even though I know that it can become a little bit tiresome if it lasts too long, or causes hardship. I do love snow though. We had a little bit this weekend. Enough to make things pretty for about 12 hours or so, but it has warmed back up, and we're expecting rain for the rest of the week.

Your table reminds me of an angel food cake!



All I can think of is "Baby it's cold outside".
Hi Vicki, Just wanted to drop by and let you know I'm still thinking of you and your family. I hope you have plenty of warm happy days this year.

Charlotte Huffman

Wow! I thought the 3-4 inches we got in SC was bad!It's almost gone here and the kids should be going back to school tomorrow. Stay warm!

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