Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Debra Wortman

Hi, Vicki!
I have missed your cheerful and inspiring posts, but I am happy to see that you have been busy with some very lovely projects. We are in a deep-freeze in the Northeast, and anything spring-like is most welcome! I have 2 grand-daughters who would probably love butterflies and sunbonnets.


I too have missed your posts and am happy to see you have been busy. Now, what I find to be very odd is you posting a butterfly pattern. Four days ago, I found an Aunt Martha's quilt booklet at a thrift store that features a pieced butterfly. I want to make a butterfly quilt but want to try applique. My Internet searches did not turn up a pattern I like. Well, what do you know? Here you post a gorgeous butterfly pattern. Hopefully, I can find a way to print it. Thanks so much, Vicki. :)


Reworking projects will keep a gal busy. Hope that you have more sun soon. Cold and gray wear a person down. lovely butterfly pattern and Sunbonnet Sue.


I love the butterfly and Sunbonnet Sue patterns. I ordered the Sue pattern. Thank you for offering them. Sunbonnet girls are some of my favorite patterns. I have a very large collection of Sunbonnet girls and ladies, most of them are originals but I love finding a new one to add the group.

Beth Payne

Hello, Vicki
Your wonderful blog is the very first one I found on the Internet, several years ago. I was looking for vintage embroidery patterns and was lucky enough to find your site. I had no idea what a blog was. Needless to say, Turkeyfeathers opened up a whole new world. I believe that Turkeyfeathers is still my favorite.
Love today's post. Vintage butterfly quilts are so pretty. Thank you for your cheerful posts and your preservation of so many beautiful vintage needlework patterns that would otherwise be lost. Not only is this of benefit to those of us who want to use these patterns today, but it saves an important piece of history and gives us a picture of women's lives that we might not otherwise have. It is a sweet connection with those who have gone before us.

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