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This is a sweet quilt Vicki. I've used the straw technique for turning small "tubes" for years, but I'd never thought to use it this way...very clever. What a nice and informative post this is. Thank you for sharing the many great ideas you've discovered. I'll be looking forward to seeing your embroidery.

My great Uncle Bill's last name was MacDonald, and he was of Scottish descent. Everyone called him "Mac". I think that would be a nice name for number 3.



I love this quilt. It has inspired me. Tuffy for #1


Very nice quilt. I'd call #6 Sunshine. And one of them ought to be a "Toto".

Teresa Kasner

I was going to say Mac, too. Buddy, Angus, Maggie, Annie, Bailey, Duff, Riley..
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Oooo, this is going to be beautiful when finished. I'll have to check out Eleanor's tutes now :) I like the name "Reg" or "Reggie" (short for Reginald) for #5...seems like a proper name for a Scottie.
Smiles, DianeM


#4 looks like a "Stewart" or Stu to me. my mom has a terrier with a coat close to that! ;-)


I like Sunny for the yellow one!!!


Dotty might fit #2 and Checkers for #5. They all sure are cute.

Winding Ways

#4 should be "Ruff"


My Mum was raised in Scotland and her Grandfather had a scottie dog called Jock (of course!)

deb h

How about naming #3 after President Roosevelt's famous scottie "Fala"? Of course, "Licorice" comes to mind whenever I see a scottie dog!

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