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Your gardens are lovely. I have only seen bumble bees in our gardens. They are so sweet and docile...not even caring if I move the plants or water them while they are hard at work inside a flower. I read only female bumble bees sting so maybe these are all males visiting us.
Smiles, DianeM


I really love that you gave up all that lawn for the herb garden. you've inspired me to fill in some empty spots with herbs. It is so difficult to love roses and have Japanese beetles eating them and Not resort to pesticides. I pluck them off by hand and toss them into an alcohol bath. I'm happy to say that the bees are still happily visiting the roses.

vicki haninger

We have lots of bumbles too. What they lack in honey production they make up for in cuteness! Good to know about the stingers.

vicki haninger

Herbs may repel insects around your roses, I plant lavender around some of mine. Also, if you can get birds in your yard, the type that eat insects, like wrens, bluebirds, sparrows, bluejays; they might help reduce the number of pesky beetles. Everything is designed to work together, if we can only manage to achieve that balance.


We have had an overabundance of bees. But I have all sort of things in the garden to attract them. Just seems like the gardens are abuzz more than usual this year.

Vickie Collins

Vicki, if you right click on the picture on Flicker, it will open the box for sizes.

vicki haninger

Hey, thanks Vickie! Good to know.

vicki haninger

We have seen more bees in our yard this year too, but apparently, bee keepers are experiencing major die-offs due to gmo crops.

Mother B

Your garden is gorgeous!! Ohh how I love herbs!


Well what is happening to our bee is a subject we all need to bee aware of. Oh my your garden is amazing and I sure the bees are very happy. Happy bees=happy us!! Clarice

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