Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Vicki, I cannot believe how prolific you are! I have a ba-zillion projects in progress, but mine don't get finished, somehow. You are amazing! I really like True Blue.


Hand stitching is something I have not dabbled in for months. You are giving me the itch! VERY beautiful stitching you have accomplished on the True blue quilt! Reminds me of my MIL as she adores blue.


True blue has the loveliest stitching ..The hand work is beautiful..


Love both quilts, I'm a fan of churn dashes and yellow. The garden photos are breathtaking. It's a beautiful place, your world!


Beautiful quilts. I may just have to pick up my quilting needle and put down my embroidery one (which you inspired me to take up). Fun!


Beautiful shots of the garden! The roses are gorgeous! I am really digging your new quilt inspired by said roses.So many projects, so little time!

Account Deleted

Both quilts are so pretty. I love blue and white quilts, 'course it's my favorite color combination, so I suppose I would. The rose garden quilt will be lovely to have come autumn, and so much of the work is done. You'll be able to get cozy and relax with the handstitching of it, come the cooler months. I think, that if you'd used a little more of the fabric with the green leaves and pink roses, that the quilt may have had a bit more of the feel you were going for. Maybe? But it is still so very nice, and I think you'll really enjoy having it just the way it is, in the autumn months.

I can see why you were inspired by that garden. It truly is lovely. I really like the naturalness of it. So many rose gardens tend to be just beds of roses. This garden has true character.


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