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How enjoyable to see the process. I've watched Craftsy and thought it looked like fun. Now I think it sounds like fun, too. Are you going to detail part 2?

Account Deleted

Clever! So pretty too.

I love freezer paper. I use it for so many things. It's great for wool applique shapes, and I iron it onto the back of fabric before tracing embroidery patterns, or before I draw or paint onto fabric, and of course it's great for sending sheets of fabric through my computer's printer.

All those beautiful colors Vicki, what fun!



I finally started doing some paper piecing hexagons myself. I can now totally understand your obsession. It's soo fun!

Paula McElrath

Join the crowd of hexie peeps!! I made a page on FB, miss Paula in stitches and have shared some hexies there!!


Your hexies look so pretty lined up in the boxes. I'd love to make a hexie project one day - but I really should finish the kazillion projects I already have on the go.


Very pretty!

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