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I must say that the color of those roses is absolutely specatular! Also, I've never seen anyone turn out as many quilts has you have of late! And they're all so lovely.


What a beautiful melon color those roses are! I'm with Marsha, have not seen any color quite so marvelous.

And you are on a quilting blitz. I can't believe how much you are accomplishing. In the time since you've last posted, I've only thought about making a quilt. =D


I've never seen roses that color, not pink, not coral - melon is the right word, as Vee says. The epitome of gorgeous! Congratulations on all your productivity.


Lovely, both the quilt and the roses. I've been looking at roses lately, trying to decide which ones to add to my garden. I need a few that will bloom throughout the summer I think, as the ones that I do have bloom just the once, though stunningly.

You are amazing Vicki, with all your fine taste and talents.

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