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I love both your rescued quilt and the new one you made. I have a couple of rescued quilt tops as well but haven't
done anything with them yet. I'm going to put on my thinking cap and come up with a plan to make them beautiful like you did.


Both quilts are beautiful!


That quilt pattern would be great in Civil War reproduction or 1930 fabrics as well, but I love your selection!


I love both the old, repaired quilt and the new one too! I have a redwork quilt that is over 100 years old. What a nice tribute to the original quilt maker!


Thank you for sharing how you used your jelly roll fabrics to create this pretty quilt. You make it sound very doable.

I like seeing how different the two quilts look from one another, because of the fabric choices. Yours looks so much more contemporary. I think because of the lighter fabrics.

Wow, that hanging basket of flowers is amazing!

Love your little butterfly.


Wonderful rescue! How awesome was that? :)

Love the new quilt you made...so sweet and the ends are really great (the blue and white fabric).

Jane S.

I just love it when people rescue old and/or mistreated quilts! Deconstructing and bringing them back is so satisfying, isn't it? I'm always on the look out for orphaned quilt blocks or unfinished tops. It makes me happy to turn them in to something beautiful. I think you did a wonderful job. :)


Amazing quilt rescue and amazing reproduction! Just lovely.


Wonderful save and beautiful replacement


It is so you to rescue a quilt. I know that you put love in everything you do. Beautifuly done.

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