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Churn Dash?

grey rabbit

sounds like a pioneer's shopping list !


I think it's Love Knot


My guess is churn dash. Wow you really got back your Quilting MoJo.


I am going to say all the above. There are many names for the same block. Love the blue :)


Can't believe how prolific you are! I am ashamed to say how long it takes me to complete a quilt. Love the blue.


I think Churn Dash.

Amy McAllister

Churn dash!


My first guess was Churn Dash, too.


What ever the name is (and I can't wait to find out) I know it will be another beauty. I love the blue.

Account Deleted

I love the blue too.

Well, I guess I'm with the majority, and think it is Churn Dash, but I have to admit to thinking that for some reason, I think Shoo Fly and Churn Dash are very similar. Now, you've got me to thinking about an old book that I have. 101 Patchwork Pattern. I need to go downstairs and look for it.

Love all the quilts Vicki. They are truly lovely.



shoo fly ??

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