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It is beautiful . May I ask about how many hexagons are used in order to make a quilt that size ? Thank you.


I'll say! It looks terrific. Are you working on number four or taking a break?

Lavender Dreams

The colors are just beautiful! What a gorgeous quilt!

Jane S.

So pretty! You are fast becoming Queen of the Hexies. :)

vicki haninger

Thank you!

Here's the rundown on the numbers needed: 124 white (background), 142 petals, plus 23 centers. Some "flowers" will be cut in half and trimmed around the edges.

The quilt measures approximately 55" x 65".

vicki haninger

Thanks Vee!

I've already started another quilt--yet to be revealed! But it's not hexagons this time, though I do plan on making more of those at some point. I truly miss all the hand-piecing in the evenings.

vicki haninger

Thank You Lavender!

vicki haninger

Thanks Jane!

I'm dreaming of all the ways one can make a hexagon quilt...the variations are endless.

Karen Cassidy

Beautiful, love the scrappy binding
Karen x


Love those hexies! The pink and yellow make for a really striking and pretty quilt. Looking forward to your next project.


Awesome, thank you so much..I have giant hexagons that measure 5 inches across the top. I assume yours are smaller , I think I read 3 inches ..Ill try.


Congratulations!! It's really beautiful!

vicki haninger

Thanks Karen--the binding was my favorite part!

vicki haninger

Well thank you Lorrie!

vicki haninger

Thanks so much!!

Molly Severtson



This is just exquisite!!! Beautiful, bright, fun and definately HAPPY!!!

Account Deleted

What a pretty room. Your beautiful quilt fits in so nicely. I love how it looks modern and old fashioned, both. It suits a young lady of today, I think.



Oooo...it's so pretty :) I love the colors :)
Smiles, DianeM

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