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I love the way that your quilt turned out, Vicki. The colors in this one remind me of the colors that I chose for my son's nursery linens so many years ago.

It is hard to photograph quilts that have mostly white backgrounds I think.

This idea of combining the embroidery with the hexagons really is inspiring. You can embroider so many different motifs representing different interests.

The loving care invested in a quilt can truly be felt. I always feel close to the maker when I feel a handmade quilt.



I really love this, vicki!

Jane S.

Oh, it's beautiful! I love the mix of fabric and embroidered hexies. :)


Oh my...this is a beautiful quilt! I love the colors,and the bit of embroidery in the center of the petals.


Your quilt is simply beautiful...the hand quilting really sets it off :) I can't wait to see #2 & #3 :)
Smiles, DianeM


Hand made with love...can't get any better than that. What a lovely quilt. All those wonderful colors are a treat for my eyes! Thanks for sharing!


It is IMPOSSIBLY sweet! I love it SO much! Well done...and I think the photographs were wonderful...I like to lay mine on the grass to photograph, although it cant be to sunny:) I love your blog, visit often, dont comment so much, because I am lazy!!! This is SO beautiful it cheered me just to look at it:)


What a beauty!! It turned out just fabulous and I think the photos are wonderful too, but you are right...pictures never can show the true beauty of a handmade quilt.
You inspired me, maybe I will get my rear in gear and finish up my quilting project.
Can't wait to see your next two.



It is a beautiful quilt! Thank you for the close up on how to square the edges. I should be able to move on with my quilt now. Can't wait to see Quilt 2 and 3. These hexagons are so portable and addictive! Think your photography is great.


That is gorgeous!

As to photographing such gorgeousness, I have no tips. Like you over the years I've tried different ways and I always end up with a dodgy overhead and multiple close ups none of which are satisfactory!

esther jane

I just found your blog last week, and really enjoy it. and i love Love LOVE this quilt!!! I've never made a quilt before, but this is my ideal. Especially the adorable embroidery - oh my, it is beautiful! too bad the book is out of print, i'd buy a copy right now and finally try my hand at quilting. Anyway, it is beautiful - well done!


This quilt is stunning! You are an inspiration.


I ordered a few patterns this week with this kind of project in mind. Do you have any certain pattern for purchase that you used or would recommend? Love your goodies. Thank you for the inspiration. I have made several hexie quilts and projects. Love the to-go goodness of them. I am in maintenance chemo and these are lovely to work on during infusion time.


Vicki, I just love the finished quilt! There's a freshness about it that I find appealing. My copy of the book of embroidery patterns arrived from the UK, and I am eager to start some hexies of my own. I look forward to seeing 2 and 3.


Oh it is delightful! I really like the advice to sign the quilt. Would that mean that more than initials would be best? Just wondering... I've always thought your photography fantastic and I'm not inclined to change my thinking based on the discussion here. What a sweet project for spring evenings.


This quilt brings together all the best in hand stitching :)
Love love love it!


What a beautiful quilt. I think the photos are lovely, but I commiserate with you on the efforts it takes. I'm looking forward to seeing the pink version!

Carrie P.

congrats on your lovely finish. so pretty.
There is a site you can go to where you can buy different sizes of paper cut out in different shapes. So much easier than cutting out your own shapes like I did once.
http://paperpieces.com/. check them out.


Thanks Lena, this was a fun project!


Hi Angela, no I don't have any particular pattern to recommend, but in general, any small motif would do. Depends on the subject matter; a children's theme was done here, but it would work beautifully with small flowers, or butterflies, letters, anything you enjoy doing.


How exciting, let me know how your quilt is coming along.


Thanks Vee! Labeling a quilt is a good idea no matter how it's done. If this was going into a quilt show I would use my full name, but as it is staying in the family I just used my initials. Sometimes I just sign them, "mom". The year it was made is probably the most valuable info though.

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