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She was cute! So smart to dress in the colors of her quilt, too. She was not one bit "precious" about whacking that one out. I'm still in total awe. That would take me a week.

Your new quilt is wonderful and how interesting to me that stitching in the ditch is giving it a bit more puffiness. Hmmm... Love the pinks for the third quilt.

I'm off leaving you to quilt out on the sunny deck in the warmth. ☺

j xox

d a r l i n g ::

just darling!

may i ask a question?
are your 4" hexes measured from flat side to flat side ~ or from point to point across the hexagon?

i love how large they are, so happy, so breezy! ;-)


I am completely inspired by how quickly you piece such beautiful quilts! Well done!


Your quilt is coming along so well. How quick you are. That was an amazing video as well.


That quilting frame looks like a lot of fun! Love the honeycomb quilt. I'm anxious to make myself a hexagon quilt.


What a happy quilt! And I love your quilting frame.


Your quilts are so pretty. I have 3 daughters (15, 12, 10) and I just cut out lots of squares this week for us to make a simple quilt together. It's our first ever! Your pictures are so inspiring. I can't wait to get started. Maybe one day we'll be good enough to try the hexagon ;0)!

Mrs. H

What a great idea for a fast gift quilt.


The puffiness also has to do with the lining; the first was lined with a cotton flannel sheet, this one is lined with a light-weight polyester batting. I should have mentioned that in the post.

My quilt and I are back inside again as the rain has returned!!


Thank you!

Regarding the hexagon measurements; 4" is measured from point to point across the middle; the individual sides are 2" increments. (Flat side to flat side is about 3-1/2".)


Oh, making a mother/daughter quilt sounds like fun! What a great way to pass on a few sewing skills to your daughters at the same time.


It looks so wonderful!! :)

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