Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Teresa Kasner

Wow, you sure have the deer! Do they eat daffodils? We've only seen one in our yard in the 40 years we've lived here and we surprised it by pulling in the driveway in the dark. And we live in a rural area! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Oh they are pretty, but not if they are chowing down on the plants and shrubs. I just learned that they hate Lenten roses...do you have any of those?

Your quilt looks wonderful. The feather stitch setting off the embroidered hexies is a sweet touch.

(Was here earlier, but the iPad was having hiccups. Good thing I saved the comment on email!)

vicki haninger

Fortunately, daffodils are one of the few flowers deer do not like. They also avoid rhodies & azalea--so we are guaranteed a little spring color at least!

vicki haninger

I'm not familiar with Lenten Roses, will check them out. Thanks Vee!


Hello Vicki - Your quilt is coming along beautifully. I just love it. You are so lucky to have blooming daffodils already...I have some hardy crocuses but my daffs are still tightly shut here in Northern NJ. Enjoy your stitching :)
Smiles, DianeM


How amazing. I live in Florida Suburbia and never have I seen deer roaming around my yard. I would probably be a pushover too! The quilt is beautiful and inspires me to start one of my own... and I also want to paint my house pink! :)


Your quilt is lovely! The gardening video was also lovely. Great idea to try this year as I was going to make my garden smaller, hopefully neater and use my space more carefully and creatively. Thanks for all the inspiration.


:) I love this post, thank you so much for sharing this

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