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Very Pretty Vicki, and all those cute embroidered inserts really add to it. So pretty!
Received my transfers, thank you. Already using them.
Nancy Jo


I just love this quilt and the embroidery is gorgeous! you are such an inspiration. Thank you for the lovely pictures.


Such a pretty quilt. Hand quilting is a great way to spend time waiting for spring.


What a pleasant work to do through these waning days of winter. It looks darling!


The quilt top is lovely...I have started on some hexagons, thanks to you, and I am enjoying the process. Thank you for the inspiration!


It's pretty and happy and such a breath of fresh air!


That is so pretty! Your quilt makes me think of the quilt my mother started and now I have it to finish. She started to hand quilt it and I've shied away from hand quilting, I don't feel confident enough, but I think I'll give it a go :)


Your quilt is absolutely lovely! I have a thing for hexagons as well. May have to start picking them up again ;)

Account Deleted

It's turning out wonderfully, Vicki. I love all the little embroidered motifs. The thing with quilts, is that they often become heirlooms, passed down through families. Just imagine what fun it will be for others to discover each one of them through the many years that this quilt will be enjoyed.
Nothing takes the place of hand quilting, and how nice to make a thinner quilt. That will add to it's vintage feel, and will be perfect in the warmer months. It is a real treasure you will have, when it is finished.


I am waiting too. We had a glimpse this weekend and now it is cold and raining again. Maybe soon...


Love the quilt. Random handwork is perfect touch. I've been missing my fabric & sewing machine... I think I'll pull them out today. :)


Ooooh. I love the quilt. You should be very proud. Oh yeah, did I miss the February garden video? I love those and look forward to them. Just sayin.....

vicki haninger

Well thank you Nancy, I'm having a lot of fun with this quilt. Happy to know you are stitching away now too!

vicki haninger

Thank you for the sweet words Mimi!

vicki haninger

I agree, this type of stitching really makes the wait less tiresome and I LOVE working with a quilt on my lap right now--such a cozy place to be.

vicki haninger

Thanks Vee! The colors are perking up the grayest of days here too.

vicki haninger

Oh goody! How wonderful--what fun! I have a request for two more hexagon quilts, so I've really got my work cut out for me now. :o)

vicki haninger

Happy is exactly what I was going for with this quilt, and I'm glad it's making you happy too! Thank you for your sweet words.

vicki haninger

Thanks Judy! I've finished some abandoned quilt tops myself, I love looking at all the old prints and flour sack cottons that were used on older quilts. My quilting stitches are far from perfect, but I never let that stop me from trying.

vicki haninger

Thank you Laura, I'm really developing a thing for hexagons now too. Who knew they were so much fun. LOL!

vicki haninger

Thank you so much Lena, the quilt is coming along nicely--the flannel lining is a breeze to quilt through too. Overall, I'm finding the different aspects of this quilt fun and interesting!

vicki haninger

The month of MARCH is such a tease isn't it? :o)

vicki haninger

Thanks Gina! Having a project (or two) about is always fun.

vicki haninger

Thanks Sandy! The quilt is keeping me warm as I work on it.

As for the garden videos...unfortunately they were taken off the Internet, so I can't post them here on the blog anymore. Boo-Hoo.


So cute and cozy!

Vilt og vakkert


What a beautiful blanket to welcome spring with!

I have last week completed the points on the list of what to do to celebrate Tasha┬┤s Tudor day. Took a long time,....but the activities have been a pleasure to me.
Have a wonderful weekend ;:OD)


I love this, especially the embroidery!

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