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Oh how sad that they've been removed. I can't believe that there would be a huge audience for them. So glad that you featured them so that I saw them while I could. Thank you!


I have a whole box of the Work Basket magazines as well. They were given to me by my husbands mother. They are chalked full of interesting patterns and recipes and it's interesting to see the differences in the price of these books compared to patterns now days.

vicki haninger

I agree, and possibly NO audience now. Such a shame really.

vicki haninger

I know, I'm regularly shocked by the price of home and craft magazines today, which can run as high as $15 in some cases. It boggles the mind.

Carrie P.

I am new to crochet but would love to see some of the easy patterns from those magazines. thanks for sharing.

Grandma Tillies Bakery

That is sad news! I so enjoyed the series and watched whenever I had some spare time. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.


I adore the old Work Basket Magazines! I have found one or two over the years, and when I do I really enjoy them.


Yes - I remember my Mother and Grandmother getting the Workbasket. Enjoyed the handkerchief aprons - I'd love to see some more of the patterns. Maybe rotate the skills- etc, one time knotting, another a crochet, then an embroidery.... Anything you have time for.... Thank you. I'd venture to say there is a "market" for them still- although limited.

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