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Falling still? How many days of rain has it been? It was freezing rain here most of the day, though it has warmed up and the danger of freezing is past. Thank goodness...so treacherous. Your Christmas tree is lovely...it looks like a Christmas Wonderland tree.

Patty Bracken

Your white tree is beautiful. I loved seeing it on your blog before and it inspired me to buy my own white tree. So thanks to you, I've been enjoying my own white tree the past two years. I read your blog all the time. Keep up the good work.

vicki haninger

Yes, the rain is still falling. I've lost count of how many days it's been. We had another half-inch again last night. This particular storm front is huge, flooding parts of California and north of us as well. Thankfully there have been short breaks between deluges.

vicki haninger

Thank you Patty! There is something magical about a white tree. It just glows. I find it is the perfect backdrop for all the colored lights and ornaments. They really stand out. Just gazing at it makes us so happy!


I wasn't going to put up my white Christmas tree this year because my family teases me about it, but seeing yours reminded me how pretty white Christmas trees are. I agree with you, white Christmas trees are happy! Also, I just purchased your book, Stitching Through the Seasons, for myself for Christmas. It came today and I love it! I can't wait to open it Christmas morning and be surprised!


Love the white tree, vicki!

Account Deleted

It's so pretty Vicki, and I love your bird.

It has been clear here during the day, these last couple, but the rain has poured buckets come evening.

I've always loved Dean Martin!


vicki haninger

OMgosh, thank you so much Susan, I hope you like the book and are pleasantly surprised! :o)

We are LOVING our white tree, it is such a happy sight at the end of the day.

vicki haninger

I never thought I'd be happy with another artificial tree, had to have them when we lived in California due to safety reasons, they dry out so quickly in a dry climate...and those were always green. We had a wonderful tacky aluminum tree when I was growing up, the kind with a color wheel! So this is my first white tree, and I must say it is a delight.

vicki haninger

That bird! It was a gift and I love it. It has real feathers, the tail feathers are long and graceful. It gives me such a peaceful feeling looking at it. The dove of peace. Perfect for Christmas.


I love your tree! I have always wanted a solid white Christmas tree. I want to decorate it very colorful, just like you did. It is raining here too...I'm ready for snow!


So pretty! Your tree has such a warm glow!

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