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Jane S.

I too like the flameless candles. It saves worrying about whether pets or small children will get hurt or start a fire!

My sister has some that have little plastic "flames" that flicker back and forth, they look so very real that they fooled a lot of people at her wedding reception.

I have chandelier envy something terrible right now, would love one for my bedroom but so far it hasn't happened! :)

Account Deleted

I've been adding flameless candles around my home too, and like you, I really like the wax ones. It's so nice not to have to worry about Christmas greenery catching fire, especially. I still have a fondness for real candles too, but we have to watch those every moment. It's nice to have another option.

Thank you for keeping these old vintage embroidery patterns available, Vicki. It would be so sad to see them disappear.


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