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That carpet of leaves is amazing! And thanks for a reminder about the Victorian Kitchen Garden. I'm enjoying the series so much.
This year, for the first time, I planted a fall garden. I'm still harvesting kale and spinach and lettuce. We've had a few light frosts so I expect the lettuce to soon be gone, but I've been told the kale will continue til the spring. Oh, and the broccoli will stay throughout the winter and grow heads in the spring. We'll see. Amazing to me.
Pretty tea towel you've embroidered.


All those leaves are so welcoming...I miss that since moving from WI many years ago now. Thanks for sharing some of those memories:)


I so look forward to these videos and thank you for sharing them with us. I love the care they take with their crops and I must say I was quite surprised to see the bonfire with that perfectly good compost material!! Happy Autumn.


Oh geez - I still haven't put my garden to bed and now its so cold out the idea isn't very appealing. I should have the hubby dump some leaves on top when he rakes though - good idea. Beautiful photos. Love those leaf-covered rock stairs.

Account Deleted

I haven't covered my beds as yet either, although, living next to a big park, the trees often do a lot of the work for me. I was hoping to get more weeding done first, but it seems when I've had the time, the weather hasn't cooperated. Today would have been a good day, but I was out doing other things. Late January and February is a good time to layer on the bone meal ect., even if it snows, but those pesky weeds, those need to be taken care of now.

I love small and charming seasonal things to decorate with, and your tea towels are always just the ticket!

Love those pretty leaves. It's been a pretty autumn....wet at times, but that's ok.

I'll visit the November garden soon. I like to relax and just enjoy them. They've been a real treat.



That is a lovely carpet of red. I was interested to see how you put your garden to bed. This is the first year that I've not raked my garden and cleared everything. I am following the advice of a blogging buddy and so hope the garden to do well in spring. She says that the worms should do all the work and eat the leaves and leave me nothing but the stems...I hope so!

Oh I must re-watch some of this series with a pot of tea at hand. It's so pleasant and relaxing.


what a wondrous carpet mother nature has provided you!! I really enjoy kitchen garden, I will enjoy following you very much!!!

Cheryl K. Bennett

The towel is so adorable. The red leaves are beautiful! Ahhhh, fall! xo, Cheryl

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I love the kitchen garden, the set up is really natural. i love seeing this everyday to make me inspired. Love this thing so much!

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