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So you're the first to get frost... Ours will come tomorrow night or so we're told. I, too, have rounded up all the tomatoes. I'll cut back the morning glories and cover the roses hoping that those last buds may come to bloom. There's a bit of sadness putting the garden to bed.

I love Harry. Don't you just know that I've eaten up every one of these shows already and may have to return for seconds. There's a comfort in them.

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I so enjoyed this video. All those lovely apples in the old baskets, and those pears growing against the brick wall are as beautiful as any flowers could ever be. Nourishing to the soul as well as body.

I love how the ending included the harvest festival. It reminded me of the Miss Read books in which the villagers celebrate the harveat at their church. Reaping what we've sown, it depends on hard work certainly, but also on a kind of grace. I suppose that is a thought that is not easily found in the big box stores or supermarkets.

Thank you Vicki for sharing these videos. I wouldn't have known about them otherwise.


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