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I loved them the first time around. Oh, yes, back when you first mentioned the two series, I had myself a marathon and roared through the lot of them. It may be that I could use a refresher, though.

All your beautiful produce looks so fine and it'll taste like heaven on a cold autumn/winter day.


Oh that dahlia garden! What a colorful, magical spot on earth.


This evening I took the time to watch these two parts of the Victorian Kitchen Garden. How delightful! Now I need to go back and catch up! Or maybe I'll just wait until each month comes around again. Thank you for these links.

Miss Paula

Hi Vicki, I have changed my blog back to Miss Paula in Stitches from Tomorrow is Another Day!! I am sorry but would you change it on your sidebar too! Thanks so so much Paula

vicki haninger

I did the same! Love-Love this series and didn't realize there were two: "The Victorian Kitchen", and the "Victorian Kitchen Garden" which is seasonal and goes all throughout the year. I have learned so much!

vicki haninger

Yes, it is nice to enjoy a program that is sedate and sane! I'm glad you are enjoying them. I only wish I knew about them sooner!

vicki haninger

Hi Miss Paula, no worries, the change has been made and you have been restored to your former glory! tee hee...

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