Hello and welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki Haninger and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Oh I'm glad that weather like that was gone in one day. What a miserably hot day that must have been. How'd you stay cool? I do like the first outfit right down to the bloomers, which I'm thinking would prevent a lot of discomfort. The second one? Not feeling the vibe, though I do love the bucket!

Stay cool, Vicki!


That was some heat wave. I like it a little warmer than we've had, but not that hot. My husband tells me I'm picky.

Those outfits are so pretty, full of carefree playfulness. And the bucket - the perfect accessory!

Teresa Kasner

That first photo made me wonder if it was you or one of your daughters.. I was impressed! :-) I love that look of carefree, natural beauty. I'll take that anytime over some of those Paris runway things that you could never wear comfortably. We have two window AC units here that are keeping us cool as cucumbers. We heading off tomorrow for our week of camping at our high alpine wilderness lake. Fun! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


I love the clothes in both of the photos...but I am really loving the first one a lot. I love that look! It looks very comfortable and has a fun side to it.


Thank you for a wonderful blog--I love it!


That is a great look-it looks so comfortable, and that's what I'm into these days. Glad you're heat wave was short, ours has been around for a few weeks now. Stay cool!

vicki haninger

It actually wasn't too bad, as long as we stayed neck deep in the pool!

vicki haninger

It's cloudy and overcast today, it's like waking up on the coast (which i love btw), and now it seems the lawn has already gone dormant.

vicki haninger

Have fun camping!

vicki haninger

I'm all for fun too! And comfort.

vicki haninger

Hey Becca, thanks for stopping by!

vicki haninger

It's cooled way down again, I'm almost shivering! LOL

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