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I must return and watch the videos for I am very intrigued. I grew my herbs and tomatoes in the same raised bed this summer. Never again! In fact, I may not grow tomatoes again. They are okay, but I can find them so cheap at the roadside stands and those gardens have better conditions (more sun) for growing them than I. So next year, I'll probably concentrate on herbs.

Gorgeous photo of your one waving red leaf.


Thank you so much for sharing these videos. I love anything "British" and so enjoy going into their homes and gardens. I love their kitchens and their simple way of life.

Teresa Kasner

I feel fall here on the farm too.. but no red leaves yet. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Kelly Henderson

Oh, this looks great. I've been hunting for a pesto recipe with all my basil in the garden. British gardening shows are very relaxing, aren't they?

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