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Natalie, the Chickenblogger

Your post, and a reminder of TT's birthday, will be a welcome and happy discovery for my daughter, Maria. A few years ago we were gifted her book: The Private World of Tasha Tudor. Maria, who is seven, and I, read pages every night. Another friend was kind enough to send Maria her own copy, and now she is ready pages on her own. We owe a debt of gratitude to this remarkable woman... she has inspired much in our home and lives... as have you, Vicki. Thank you.


What a joy this post is. I know very little of Tasha Tudor except from postings like this and a couple of mini books for children in my possession. I can see how she has influenced you and your girls.


Happy Tasha Tudor day my friend. Tasha has inspired so many xox Clarice

Bjorg Nina



I aslo celebrate Tasha by publishing a post today.


Thank you so much for this wonderful post. I got a Tasha Tudor book as a gift from an Aunt when I was little. I've loved that Aunt and Tasha Tudor my entire life!


Thank you so much for this. My mother loved Tasha Tudor and brought me up the same way! I actually have one of the early editions of Pumpkin Moonshine (and it is falling apart). I have many of Tasha's books -- one of my favorites is Tasha Tudor's Handmade Gifts.


Vicki, lovely post! And I do heart that little cake...LOL! Is winkie at work again?


interesting to read about.


What a delightful post! So much of this I did not know, but it reminds me of my grandmother, and gives me great ideas of things to work toward with my own grandchildren. Thank you Tasha and you too Vicki for great sources of inspiration!


I am such a lover of all things Tasha Tudor and have long admired her artwork and the way she lived her life. It's sad to think she's no longer in the world. I felt comforted knowing she was busying around her home in VT.

Thanks for this lovely post.



She was truly a treasure. Thank you for honoring her in your post today. We could all learn a lesson from her. She used every minute of every day to the fullest. We tend to waste a lot of time that we will never get back. Minutes are precious.

Teresa Kasner

What a delight to read all these things about Tasha Tudor, I admire her so much, too. In fact I just went to eBay and bought "The Private World of Tasha Tudor", an old book. I look forward to getting it! I'd love to see her Dollhouse book! But the only ones I could find were very expensive. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


So sorry I just missed this! I have 2 of Tasha's DVDs and lots of books - LOVE her and wish she were still here with us. But, according to her, she's probably back in the 1800's right now, on a farm, tending to her animals and gardens.

Debra Wortman

What a lovely tribute to Tasha Tudor, her art, and her way of life. I am a long-time fan, and have collected her books as well. I also had the good fortune to meet Tasha, and converse with her at a book-signing once. It was a truly memorable experience for me. Thank-you, Vicki, for keeping the day so special.


Thanks for the post over Tasha Tudor. I know nothing over her work (I live in Germany). I hope to find some books on ebay.
I love also dollshouses. You can see them in my blog:
Hug from Germany

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