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Teresa Kasner

Great photos.. how nice you have such wonderful garden produce! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


The "pruned" area across the street actually proves that open space is very pleasing. I wish that we'd adopt the idea here in Maine where most have the idea that every tree is sacred. Ugh. It's a mess!

Beautiful yard, lovely new fence, everything is looking wonderful.

Account Deleted

What a wonderful tree. I've only read the name of this tree in old fashioned books, and have never seen one. It is nice to know of a tree that blooms this time of the year. It sure is a pretty one.

My sister brought vegetables from her garden over to my Dad's on Sunday, and she cooked us up a "mess" of green beans. They were so good! That's what we call a big pot of beans, or greens....a nmess; I wonder how that phrase originated?

Your posts have beeh a lovely old fashioned sort of respite, Vicki. Thank you.


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