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ellen kelley

I think that I would love watching these.
Have you ever watched Victorian Farm or Edwardian Farm? Both are fabulous! I could watch them again and again.
Cheers..here's to another hot day in the Pacific Northwest. I am half way between Drain and Elkton, so not too far from where you are. I assume you are not too distant from Corvallis. My youngest son lives there and his older brother lives in Albany.
Happy day to you, and thanks for the links.


Oh that was fascinating. What we'd whip up with an immersion blender... I'm going to go kiss my mixer now. Ha! I'll be back to watch them all! Thanks for finding them.


Wound up watching them all... That strawberry mold was wonderful and I want a piece of that cake.


What a wonderful recommendation! I hope to watch the complete series and never, ever complain of working in my modern kitchen again! I do regularly make beef and chicken stock but just use it as is and don't do all the clarifying. Wouldn't work very long in one of those grand old houses!


You're most welcome Ellen, and thank you for introducing me to the other series. I had not heard about them before but will definitely look for them now.

Yes, another hot day here! Whew!


LOL! We all love to romanticize about the good old days but forget they used animal fat for hand lotion! Some things are better left in the past.


The attention to detail is amazing considering all the work that must go into making even the simplest things. I just can't stop watching!


Hahaha, me either! There was usually a staff of kitchen help to manage all that they did. Our modern appliances have replaced them now I guess.


Thanks for posting this, it's so interesting. I work as a cook on an 18th century farm/living history museum. We use all the old tools and recipes. I can so relate to the problems of a bad fire. It WILL ruin your day. I wear 4 layers of authentic clothing. When I go home, I am sooty, sweaty, and stinky. Still, I love the job. Most of the time.

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