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That is early for your area. We are just now getting some vine ripened fruit. I will have to plant Annie next year. Maybe I will have red tomatoes in May!


Oh how exciting! Do they taste good?


Wow, I need to get that plant! Thanks for sharing the tip! Teresa


Wow! That is amazing! I'm putting this one on my list for next year!

Carrie P.

wow! good for you. I don't even have any red ones on my plants growing here in NC.


Goodness. I was just out checking my tomato plants this morning and was happy to discover tiny green balls forming. To have tomatoes now would be wonderful! Yay for Early Annie!


GORgeous and oh so yummy!! :) Wish I were there to share them with you.


Hope they taste as good as it looks. Congratulations on geting tomatoes to ripen in July. It's good to see yourgarden.


Wow! That is so great that you have tomatoes already! I so love homegrown tomatoes. Also that video of the painting of the tomato was pretty neat!


THey look lovely! Glad you found a tomato that works well. Hope you enjoy eating them and they taste as good as they look!


Do they taste as delicious as they look? Here in the NE my cherry tomatoes are starting to turn red. I must have done something right this year. Hope they will start selling the Early Annie variety out here next year. Partial to the name. cheers, annie

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