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Did you share some berries with the birdies? I love to read about jam making; I loved to watch my mother do it; I am even willing to pick berries that it may be accomplished; I am just not ever going to do it myself. I commend gal whose pantry shelves are lined with jewel toned jams.


Happy Bloggy Aniversary! I think I've been reading since pretty near the beginning, found you via Posie Gets Cozy. Thanks for all the lovely days!

Jane S.

Happy Blogiversary! Fresh jam and toast, what an excellent way to celebrate. :)


The bird nest and babies are really cute. Hope you enjoyed your jam. Happy Blog anniversary!

Teresa Kasner

What a cool deal to find a birds nest with babies like that.. adorable shots! That is one huge berry. *C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* on the blogaversary!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Congrats on 6 years! I'm not sure I even knew about blogs & blogging 6 years ago...but when I did discover this wonderful world your blog was one of the first I followed. I ALWAYS look forward to your posts & pics...thanks so much for all your hard work & dedication :)
Smiles, DianeM


Happy 6 Years Blogging! Those berries look sooooooooooo good. I haven't had marionberries in years.


Thanks everybody! I've enjoyed every minute of it. It's hard to believe it's been THAT long--time flies when you're having fun, as they say.


First up, congrats on the 6th year of blogging. Are your berries wild?? I ask because we have a tree in our backyard(only lived here 6 months) and discovered it is a cherry plum tree. Nothing like getting "free" fruit.

blessings, jill


haha, no I didn't share any berries with the little birdies, but I'm sure the parent birds will at some point. I really love this new jam "procedure" and recipe, it's so fast and makes a wonderful jam--well worth the effort.


Thanks Pam! Yes, we go way back don't we? I think your blog was one of the first blogs I found as well. Fun times!


Thanks Jane and Yes, celebrate we must! Even if we need to find a reason, jam and toast rule!!


Thank you Leslie--the years keep marching on. My first blog post was actually done in June--and I was making jam then too! :o)


What's funny is, the sun was so bright I couldn't tell if I was getting a picture of anything, couldn't see them up close, so I just stuck my arm into the general vicinty and clicked away. I was really pleased when I saw the photos!

Thank you for the congrats!


Well, thank you Diane. It's nice to hear! And nice to know I have another kindred spirit out there who enjoys reading about all my shenanigans and little adventures, such as they are.


Hey, Jeanne, thank you! The berries were some of the best we have had so far. A good year for them, I think. The jam is sitting pretty on the pantry shelves now too. Gotta love it!


Thank you Jill. My blog is growing up! :o)

The berries were grown and cultivated on a berry farm a few miles from my home--so no free fruit this time. But I agree, free fruit is the best; like cherry plums! Yum!

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