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I've just come in from working in my garden too. I'm pooped, and needed a break. I've just added three white hydrangeas, dalhias, cranesbill and "Lady's Mantle", and still have lupins to plant along with some new ferns around the little pond. I'm been moving slower while regaining my health, so I've been appreciating in some ways our slower start to summer here. It has been perfect weather here the last few days for gardening though. Not too hot with some drizzle.

I think it's nice to put things that sort of take over into their own beds, or into pots. I always put mint into pots for example.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your garden, Vicki.

Take care,


A new deck? That sounds like a big project. I hope that you are able to tame those flowers that are growing a bit bossy in the garden and to save those that might be in danger during construction. I enjoyed the description of your working in the garden. I am glad that, except for the errant weed, I am done in mine.


Oh my, you have been busy. The new additions certainly sound lovely. Our "Lady's Mantle" has become rather large now...they do spread! I love how water drops turn into little crystal pearls on their leaves. The weather has been the same here. A soft drizzle is my preferred weather for gardening too, however,it has turned into a downpour at the moment. I am inside today making creme of mushroom soup (from scratch) and baking bread. The house smells wonderful!


Yes, the deck is a big project but necessary as the old one is just about rotted away. We will not be doing this work ourselves though, so it shouldn't be more than a week of chaos and mayhem around here. And then a bathroom re-do because the shower sprung a leak. I tell ya, it never ends. That carpenter ant problem we had awhile back is no more, so we are making progress!


I thoroughly enjoyed your writings in this post. Everything sounded so poetic. You have a gift for writing. I love the photo of the old truck covered in moss...very interesting! I love it the surrounding landscapes has taken it for it's own.

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Oh I hope they do spread, as I have lots of space to fill. I imagine that mornings after it rains must sparkle with Ladys Mantle growing in a garden.

Your meal sounds delicious. I can smell that bread baking all the way up here in my neck of the woods!


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