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Oh my gosh, you poor woman! I am having the ant problem, too, and they drive me crazy. They don't seem to be taking the poison back to their friends yet. So sorry about the snake! :(


Oh no. What a long skinny fellow he is! What kind? We have trouble with ants when it gets a bit warmer. I'm hoping that the work on the house got rid of any problem areas and they won't be so bad this year. I would not like to get bitten by one! Nasty little bugger. I really like your sweet little dish towel. (I'm still waiting for my light box. Not sure when I'll get it.)


Oh gosh, I'd be gone. I'm not kidding. First, I'd burst into tears, then, I'd never sleep again! LOL! I have a horror of snakes, and other things that slither. I know it was instilled in me by my mom and all the other southern ladies in my family who grew up with seriously dangerous snakes. I can't deal with long naked tails on little creatures either, cause they slither. I can tolerate a worm, as long as I don't have to touch it! I know, I'm a wimp, but really, I'm pretty brave when it comes to lots of other things.

My dad just had to call an exterminator for ants too. His are a different kind, but so interesting. He's never had to do that before. My heart goes out to you. These sorts of things are so frustrating.

It has been so pretty here the last few days, but it's supposed to rain again. I've had a crew of fellows here all day helping with the garden, as my back has been giving me fits. I've been loving the signs of spring here though we're running behind, and I've lots of planting to do. Your indoor bouquets are so pretty Vicki. I've been bring the flowers indoors too, and I've lots of the grape hyacinths blooming under the dogwood tree. We had ice in the rain, on the way back from the farm the other day, but there was a glorious rainbow too. The widest one I've ever seen, with very bright colors.

The dishtowel idea is a sweet one Vicki. Thank you for sharing.



Oh my! I can honestly say that I would have a hard time relaxing in my home after finding a snake in it! I am desparately creeped out by them! It is a fear I still want to conquer.

Loving the tulip embroidery! I need a little stress reliever and that might be just the ticket!

Thank you!


The tulip is sweet!!
This is the first spring in our apartment & we
Apparently have carpenter ants....yesterday I found two
In my Green Tea....they are all over my kitchen!

I feel for you!


Adorable pattern...aren't the grape Hyacinths sweet!


While reading your account of the snake in your sewing room, I invisioned a small garden variety snake. Then I scrolled down to see the photo of him and YIKES! He was huge!!Here in Texas, my pioneer grandmother, killed a rattlesnake on her porch with a HAMMER. It was so remarkable that we shared the story at her funeral. I cannot imagine the ant problem you must be having. I am dealing with scorpions in the house. The old wives tale is that their presence means it will rain soon and we sure could use some.

vicki haninger

Carpenter ants are picky eaters; I discovered a drop of honey mixed in with the poison will attract them. They can smell it. Also, switching bait frequently helps as they seem to tire easily of the same one. Good luck!

vicki haninger

It's only a harmless garter snake, a young one at that--but I like them a LOT better when they are outside! LOL They're beneficial in that they control mice and other critters, so we let them be.

Too bad about the lightbox. I found a pretty neat one at the toy store for about $20.

vicki haninger

Ha ha...I hear ya...that's how I feel about spiders...if I see one I will worry about it forever.

I think the mild winters are increasing the insect population. These things often happen in cycles, so I'm not freaking out about it YET. The pest control man is coming Friday with the big gun arsenal so that should hold them at bay for awhile.

Yes, the weather has been a mixed bag of good and bad, hot and cold. One day I'm in sweaters and socks, the next day it's flip flops! Weather can't make up it's mind.

vicki haninger

I know, I know...just SO grateful it didn't crawl into my fabric baskets or a drawer or something, because that would have really sent me over the edge for sure! LOL

vicki haninger

OH no, not you too...and in your tea? How horrible. Good thing you looked before you took a sip. I wonder what attracts them to the tea--might be a good ingredient to mix with the poison bait.

vicki haninger

Yes, love them!

vicki haninger

Your grandmother was a brave woman. I wouldn't be able to do that in a million years. I'd be so nervous, I'd probably hit my big toe with that hammer instead! That reminded me of story though. We had a pesky gopher tearing up our front lawn one summer, and my mom got so fed up with him that she grabbed a metal bucket off the porch and threw it across the yard about 25 feet and knocked that gopher out of the ground(he was popping up at that exact moment) and killed him instantly. My little brother and I just stood there in awe of her power. So funny!

Scorpions sound serious. I guess I shouldn't complain about a lowly little snake! There's probably something to that wive's tale, because weather changes do seem to drive things into the house. We have (more) rain today, I'd send it your way if I could!

Teresa Kasner

I had snow on my daffodils, too. Crazy! I like your daffy bouquet in the basket.. charming. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


That was a really big snake! We also have ants but they are small sugar ants that can get into anything and everything. I guess that's springtime. I love the tulip pattern. Your dishtowel came out so cute.


Adorable! Thank you for the pattern, too!

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Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

Chase  l  Oh The Cuteness!

That pattern is so sweet, thanks for sharing it!

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