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Natalie VV

What lovely memories, and comforting images.
It makes me happy for you that you have enjoyed these gentle symbols of happiness and peace at key moments in your life.


A sweet memory you have here! Do you mind I download it and do a little embroidery? I am ready for some embroidery in this new year~

Pam Kellogg

A beautiful pattern and a lovely story Vicki! Several years ago, we had a pair of Turtle Doves. They stayed for the Summer months and left and I haven't seem them since. They're a bit different than the Mourning Doves that we have. They were white and so beautiful!

Thank you for the pattern! It's gorgeous! And thank you for the extra. (You know what I mean!) I love my little pink kitty so much!!! Please tell the girls! I left them some very nice feedback at Etsy! I'm keeping my eyeballs open for more little kitties! I have a friend who would love to have one!

Hugs, Pam

vicki haninger

Yes, that is exactly what they are to me!

vicki haninger

Sure, feel free to use the pattern!

Mom Wald

Perfect for Valentine's Day!

Debra Wortman

Many Thanks for the embroidery pattern! I love these designs as well; they have such an old-fashioned appeal.


Thank you for the pattern and for shareing your prescious memories. I too love Jane Austen, and thought of the same book. I wish you and your family many more prescious memories in the new year.

Betsy Thompson

This is perfect for Valentine's Day! I love embroidery and have always wanted to try some redwork. Maybe this is the right time! Thank you for sharing this pattern.


Isn't that interesting, about the doves? I wonder at those sorts of "signs". I have a friend who has a butterfly visit her at such times, and she finds that a comfort, as she equates it with her grandmother. It often appears at times when she needs to know that things will be okay.

I love these kinds of old redwork patterns. This one is perfect for Valentine's Day. Thank you for sharing it Vicki.

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