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That is a crazy amount of rain! I am glad that no serious damage was done to your house!! That must have been a long day of emptying bucket after bucket of water from the crawl space! Here in SW Pennsylvania, we are expecting a snow storm tonight...around 4 inches for our area. We got a quick 2 inches last evening...it came down so fast and it was so beautiful!


Oh how frightening. I hope that you'll invest in a sump pump...they're not too expensive and could provide you with a lot of peace of mind. Hopefully, events will never converge this way again. Take care, stay safe and dry!

Mom Wald

Hmmm, I guess shoveling all day was not so bad after all!

Teresa Kasner

Dear Vicki, oh my.. that must have been frightening! We've been watching flood news coverage on TV all day. Our basement must have flooded at one time because we have a sump pump down there, but in the 30 years we've lived here it's never flooded. Thank goodness! I've been on your Etsy page drooling over the cookies and tarts. One day when the light is better I'm going to move my dollhouse into the dining room and do a photo shoot and put up a dollhouse website. I'll put a link to your shop on it when it's done. :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


How worried you must have been. I'm so glad the water is receding. As the snow melts quickly around here, we've been advised to watch for flooding, too. Our house is okay, but there are many others who live in danger's way.


So glad you are okay! Looking at the news online has been rather shocking. My daughter and her little one have been visiting us down here, while my SIL has been keeping us updated (where they live is thankfully okay, so far), though they're returning later today and the thought of them crossing all that water to get back home seems a little worrisome. Hopefully the waters will continue to recede and everyone will stay safe. Hope you and yours' stay safe too!


Isn't it amazing how fast the water can come up and then recede? Glad you are o.k. We deal with it here from time to time, too. Today we have ICE.
xo, Cheryl

vicki haninger

Yes, there were some tired bones by the end of all that. Hope you guys fare as well with the coming storms. It is beautiful though, but always a price to pay it seems!

vicki haninger

We've got a pump on order, just in case it ever happens again. Good to be prepared.

vicki haninger

Yes, it was a bit unnerving to say the least, that's not something we ever expected to have happen. Disasters never give us much warning though so we hope to be better prepared in the future.

I can't wait to see your dollhouse website. Be sure and send me the link. Thank you for linking to us too! xox

vicki haninger

We were so very fortunate. An older couple not far from here had their house destroyed when the hillside gave way. They were sleeping at the time and were awoken by their security system when the sliding door broke. They got up and saw cracks forming in the walls and got out just in time!

vicki haninger

The overhead views were shocking to us as well, we had no idea the flooding was so far and wide. Thanks for your care and concern! Hope you guys are all safe there too.

vicki haninger

Oh not ICE! You have my sympathies!!


Vicki, I'm so glad things weren't worse, and that you are all ok. We had a tragic occurence here in our city last year, when a basement filled with water after a snowstorm. It is amazing how fast flooding can occur.

Frozen rain did a lot of damange to trees and power lines around our part of the NW, but the sun is shining now, and power is returning to many, so hopefully, all will continue to return to normal for awhile.


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