Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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I love seeing other people's creative spaces! Mine is our repurposed dining room. Right by the kitchen so I can sew a bit while dinner cooks and necer far from thr family action.

Thank you for sharing!


Oh I am jealous of the ability to knit Fair Isle things...that cap looks warm and handsome. Not surprised that you are always up to something with your girls. They definitely got the creative gene.

Teresa Kasner

Isn't the sun today just miraculous? I am grumpy though as I drove in to go swimming and the showers were all shut down due to changing out hot water heaters.. all that way for nothing. Oh well. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


You are such a crafty bunch! I am just learning to knit...Your daughter did an amazing job on that hat! I can't wait until I can HOPEFULLY knit like that:) I just love your photos..I always leave here inspired!


Oh I bet those mushrooms will be so cute..they are looking great already! Also I can't believe your daughter knitted that hat!! That is fantastic! How old is she? Wow! Very impressive! Your artsy corner is very neat...and colorful! I love it! I don't have any friends or family that do arts and crafts like I do and like my kids and husband do...so it is so fun to see that others do it to!

Account Deleted

Those young ladies....they are so talented, just like their mom. I'm so impressed.

We're having an oh so sunny day here today. A little chilly, but that's ok. It is so pretty, and I'm happy to see it.


Susanne Tyree

Oh I love those mushrooms! The best part is that you guys are having fun making them. Crafty things like that are always more fun with a partner.
Susanne :)

Chase  l  Oh The Cuteness!

Ooh! Where on earth did you get that great flat file? I'm in desperate need of one for my craft room!

vicki haninger

I boughtthis oneseveral years ago, from Dick Blick, I think. Theynow have avariety of birch flat files available, although I didnt see a 10-drawer.It could still be there somewhere, I just didnt spend a lot of time looking. I love it though, its great for storing so many things!

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