Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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The mandarins are making my mouth water just looking at them! Also, I really love the look of that vintage cookbook! How wonderful..what a great find! I would have bought that up in a second! Thanks for posting those 2 recipes from the book.

Teresa Kasner

Goodness.. you are lucky to have such a nice generous cousin! Made me crave a fresh orange. I love the vintage cookbook... and the writings.. sweet.
*M*E*R*R*Y* *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*

deb h

We have two copies of "The Christmas Cookie Book" in our home and I just picked up Virginia Pasley's "The Holiday Candy Book" which is just as "sweet"!

vicki haninger

The mandarines are going fast! Love 'em!

About the book, I noticed there are copies available right now in the Amazon Marketplace section. Just search either author/title and you should find one.

Enjoy the recipes!

vicki haninger

Teresa, you are a bundle of sunshine yourself!
Thanks for stopping by and spreading JOY!

vicki haninger

Thanks for the info, didn't know there was a Candy Book. Just perused Amazon and found one too! Too cute to pass up. My girls will love it, as they are into making candies for their dad at Christmas.


What a precious book you shared! I am reading a memoir of life on the Nebraska prairie and I am so longing to find a chapter on Christmas. What a pretty lady Mrs. Pasley was!


A visit here always makes my heart happy. Love and Christmas wishes to all of you! ♥~ Mandy

deb h

So much to love....on pg 6 and 7.... "Yet, it's not the expert's creamy fudge many of us want at all, but the kind of fudge that tastes like home and childhood - and since many of us have now lost the knack of making 'bad' fudge we include in this book directions for making both creamy fudge and old-fashioned 'amateur' fudge." Enjoy!

vicki haninger

Oh, I certainly shall!! (thanks for that.)


I've lived in So Cal 30 yrs now and adore the citrus trees & fruit...they just make me feel happy & I have a fruit themed kitchen. I grew up in the midwest so apples & cherries on trees were the norm. Sadly, the local lemon/orange groves have been mowed down to make room for more buildings & houses...the scent of the orange blossoms is a thing of the past. :(
Such a charming cookbook! The stories & graphics are sweet...must keep my eye open for this one.

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