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Linda White

Love, love, love your pink calico kitty. It would be perfect for our great granddaughter Molly who will be one year old on January 4th. Someone has to keep the sock monkey I made for her company!


What a sweet kitty. I just bought (bad, I know) a stuffed sock monkey for a gift basket for my son's school. All of the students were gathering things for a toddler who has cancer. This would have made a much, much better contribution. Thanks for the chance to win. And happy holidaying!

Alexis Brooks

That is the cutest kitty that ever was! She would look so cute on my bed!


Happy Holidays!! Love that little calico kitty, he made me smile;)


Awe, Pinky Rose is cute, with all the granddaughters that I have I couldn't pick who to give it to, so I would just keep it for myself :)

deb h

I have a 7 year old kitty lover who would love Pinky Rose! Thanks for the sweet give-away!


My grandaughter would absolutly love Pinky. (So would I). Thanks for the chance.


Oh what a sweet little kitty! I have several little grand children who would love her to pieces! Now I'm off to check out that coffee cake recipe. Merry Christmas!


Darling kitty! Sweet bakery shop cookies going there, too. (My oven just gave up the ghost tonight of all times of the year. Looks as if I'll be spending some time at the real bakery shop.) Good thing that you described your baking so nicely. I can almost smell it above the burnt aroma wafting about here.

Teresa Kasner

Ohhhh.. here kitty kitty.. come to mama! :-)

Say - I am seriously looking for a vintage dollhouse.. found a neat one on CL but they owner will *NOT* respond to my inquiries. Do you know of any for sale?

❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉
*M*E*R*R*Y* *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*
❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Jane S.

Awwww, Pinky Rose is adorable! She looks like she is wearing thermal long underwear! I could say I'd love to give Pinky to my daughter whose middle name is also Rose...but I think Pinky would rather be MY new best friend instead. ;)

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

Bobbi M

What a cute kitty! She looks like she could tap-dance her way right out of the photograph! :) Merry Christmas!


Oh, how sweet Pink Rose is in her winter jammies! Just adorable. Have a very Merry Christmas, Vicki. (Love the tiny sugar cookies!)

Mom Wald

What a charming new header. Your calico kitty is the real charmer! Please include me in your drawing.

Kudos to you for working so hard on getting your goodies out during such a busy season. Take a break now and have Very Merry Christmas!


I would love to win your calico kitty. Cats are my favorite people! i only just found your blog, and I love it!

Angela Prince-Bex

Rose is precious! Love all your creativity.


I always have room for one more kitty! She's very sweet, and probably lots quieter than the ones here already...


Very, very sweet! I have a kitty-loving little girl at my house who would love to welcome her home. :-)


So cute! My daughter would love it. We just got a second cat and they adore each other. Love it.

Josette Marcellino

Merry Christmas and God Bless you and your family throughout the new year. Thanking for bringing so much inspiration and joy into my world.

Hana Tawathie

Happy Holidays to you and your family!
She's an adorable kitty, and I know of a certain 4-year-old who would love her.
Thanks for the sweet giveaway...

Shari Harniss

My great-niece Bella would adore this!


she's beautiful!


Ooh, I love the calico kitty! She would be very loved in my home.

Amy Rhyder

My daughter would love this Kitty. It is super sweet and she loves her handmade ragdoll. The kitty would be the perfect pet for her ragdoll. Thanks Amy

Linda gerig

so cute. lindagerig

Judith (from Israel)

I'd love to win "Pinky Rose". She'd make a gorgeous addition to my collection of cats.

Donna Mac

JUST DARLING!!! I do have some great nieces, and HOPEFULLY, someday a granddaughter. So please count me in...and THANK YOU!


would LOVE to win this! My girl LOVES kittys!


I've been looking around your website and have decided that I really love your work. The kitty s adroable. Thanks for the chance to win her.

Connie Copenhaver

Just found your blog & LoVe it!!! I can't wait to check out your books. I can't imagine why you'd want to give away you little Rose kitty, if I had made her, she would never leave my home. I am 51 and I still have my Raggedy Ann from when I was about 7. I don't have children of my own, but I design children's toys, like you, and give them to the kids at church and I also send many of them to children in 3rd world countries. My husband's favorite type of cat is a Calico, I'll have to show him your precious Pinky Rose when he gets home from work. I hope she finds a loving warm home and arms of joy to hold her for many years to come! Merry Christmas and may your little home business continue to grow and bring laughter to many hearts! God Bless You and your family!!!


What a little darling! I LOVE cats and collect unique ones to display. She'd be a great addition to my "cat-a-family." Thanks for sharing!


Calico kitty is amazing! My daughter is obsessed wirh cats along with anything to do with sewing. Sadly I am very challenged in this area but am trying to be less of a spaz each day. If you would like the most living home for your kitty, my daughter should be considered. You truly have a talent :)


What I meant to say was loving but our house is full of life as well.

kristine hanson

darling kitty, I have an 8 year old who would love a little kitty like this since we don't have our 16 year old "kitty" anymore.


My little granddaughter would love to snuggle with this adorable kitty! I'm new here so I'm off to explore!


Vicki, Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family!!
Hugs! Jeri


Is that not the sweetest kitty ever??? I can't believe how many things I still haven't made from your charming books. Maybe this will be the year I finally catch up on some things ~~ is that even possible? Pinky Rose would ever be so at home in our cottage ~ fingers crossed and a Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!
P.S. I do hope Pinky likes to travel as it would be a coast to coast adventure for her!!!

Debra Wortman

Pink calico kitty is so cute! After seeing the pattern in your embroidery book, I have been longing to make one, especially for Grand-daughter Abigail Rose, whose 1st birthday is today! Keep on with the good inspirations , Vicki! You and your company are such a wonderful resource for those of us who appreciate vintage embroidery projects!

Debra Wortman

I love the pink calico Kitty! I have been longing to make one ever since I saw the pattern in your embroidery book! It would be perfect for my grand-daughter, Abigail Rose, whose 1st Birthday is today! Thank-you , Vicki, for providing inspiration to those of us who love vintage embroidery.

Jennifer Gregory Miller

Oh, I have a sweet little girl in mind that would be perfect for that little kitty! Thank you!


so sweet. Just like me real kittens, Emilie and Cossette - just adopted from a rescue group last Juloiel.


What a pretty kitty!!!


what a cutie!

debbie nang

So sweet,I would love to make room in my home for this kitty,my grands will take very good care of her.

lyn lewis

She's so very cute and full of character!
I doubt I will be that lucky, but I know one little girl who'd be chuffed to bits to give kitty a UK home!
Have a great festive holiday however you choose to celebrate and I wish you well for 2012.

Annie Servillo

What an adorable kitty!

Glenda M

Love your kitty. She is just adorable. I'd love to win her for my Grandson. He loves stuffed items.


My granddaughter (not quite 2 yet) would love to have her own kitty.


The kitty is just so cute and adorable! It be such a thrill to get that kitty. Hope it falls into the hands of someone who'd really treasure it.


Pinky Rose would be very welcome in our home - my daughter would absolutely adore a kitty! Thanks for the chance.

Robin D

I absolutely love your kitty. She would be loved by any child


The coffee cake sounds wonderful! I take care of 3 little girls, 15 months old. I can imagine all of the love and hugs Pinky Rose would get around here. They have just started noticing dolls and giving them hugs and carrying them around. It's so cute to watch.


This kitty is soooo cute be a great toy for my grandchild. Merry Christmas and blessings in the New Year!!!!

Laura K

Such a cute kitty!! My daughter would love it as a birthday gift when she turns 6 in March. We used to call her "Meow Meow" when she was a newborn because her cries sounded like a kitten.

Ricki Duke

My granddaughter Collette would love the kitty. She loves the kitties. Yours is very pretty. Thanks for the chance to win her.

Carol A.

Pinky is adorable! My grand-daughter would flip for this. Have a very Merry Christmas!

Val T.

I'd love to win this lovely Kitty. Thank you for this giveaway!


adorable!! thanks!


Pinky Rose looks like the perfect sweetheart for my daughters special blue stuffed cat named Shoes. We enjoy your blog very much. Happy Holidays!


Love love love this little kitty! It would be a perfect item for my grandchild's dowry. Yes, I'm placing beautiful things aside for my first grandchild!

Laura Snazel

Your darling Pinky Rose would find herself in our 14 year old daughter's welcoming arms; just days before last christmas we had to put down her cat, Pinky, who after receiving months of dialysis was too ill to keep up the good fight against kidney disease. We adopted Pinky when Desi turned 5; the entire kindergarten class was invited to her birthday party held at a community center - around 90 people showed up! Yet insured instead of gifts, everyone brought donations for the rescue Pinky came from. Your sweet, precious, Pinky Rose would be a nice remembrance for her.

Becky Stancill

What a sweet kitty! And such a sweet giveaway. How can you part with her?


Oh, how I would love to have that adorable kitty for my little great niece who is three!

Account Deleted

Oh this is a charming kitty. I can think of a little girl who would love it. 'Course, I suppose we all have a little girl inside of us, still.

Love to you and your family, and a very happy Christmas to each of you.


Elaine Akers

Pinky Rose kitty is adorable. I have 2 cats and am feeding 2 strays that were born this spring.Hopefully I can get them to come into the house before the weather turns really cold.
Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway.Merry Christmas!

Crystal lowenthal

My "Violet Rose" would love Miss Pinky Rose! She is precious!


Great kitty, thanks for the chance to win her!


The kitty is adorable. I LOVE kitties.

Jane T

One of my little great granddaughters would love to have this doll. Merry Christmas.


what a precious kitty and reminiscent of one i had many years ago. can offer a very loving home and a gran that woould love it to death!

Miriam Stewart

Love it Love it Love it. Do you sell a pattern for her? Merry Christmas and a happy healthy New Year for you and yours.
Mim in FL

Ellen Lai

I'm a cat lover. Love your sweet pink critter!


She is very sweet!
Happy holidays to you and yours.


Very adorable!! Thanks for the chance to win such a cutie!

alice hancock

She is so precious!!!! So glad I found your Blog!


As always, I love your work. :) The kitty is too cute! I have both of your books but haven't made up the kitty yet. :) On an aside, I found a 100% wool blanket the other day! Cream colored and FREE! It's a bit thick, though; we'll see what I can do with it.


This little kittie has something on her mind, i wonder what it could be. I am sure i would find out if she came to live at my house. I know we would have many great conversations and cuddles!!!


What a sweet blog! The kitty is so sweet - would be so nice for my niece who adores cats. thanks and happy holidays!

Anne Marie

What a sweetie - your kittie is as cute as can be!

Theresa D

He would be perfect for my DD to take back with her to college. She LOVES kitties!! Thanks so much for the chance.


The sweetest little kitty ever. I hope you and yours enjoyed a Merry Christmas. My best wishes for a Happy New Year.


Pinky Rose would be very loved and fit in perfectly in our cottage!! She is just adorable!!


[email protected]


Merry Christmas! Kitty is so cute! I would love to own her. Thanks for the great give away!


Oh, the calico Kitty is so cute. My daughter is really into cats, her favorite stuffed animal is Whiskers, the cat so it would be great to win your handmade kitty 'altho I think this one can stay on my bed. :)
Have a great New Year's!

Pauline Abdul Cader

Oh! my little grand daughter loved the little calico cat,

Oh! my little grand daughter Ariana who is 2 plus loved the little calico cat & said she loves to have it. We are from the sunny Island of Sri Lanka. Compliments of the Season.Pauline & Little Ariana.

Anna Marie

Oh, me please. My little niece would cuddle this forever! Thanks! Anna Marie

Diana Clark

Your blog is inspiring I love all your handmade stuff. Especially the little kitten ornament made out of a walnut shell, so cute.(I know you did'nt make that.)
I would be honored to win the cat I would give her a very nice home !

Thanks for being in blog land a visit always brightens my day!
Diana Clark


This little Kitty is darling my grand daughter would absolutely love her :)


Love the lazy daisy eyes! It's one of my favorite stitches and the first one I learned as a young girl on the embroidery path.


She is gorgeous. My three year old loves cats and Pinky Rose would be such a lovely addition to our home. Thank you for sharing and a Happy New Year to you!

Kory Beavers

Love the kitty. I'm thinking that my daughter would love her even more.


Calico Kitty is adorable!!! I would love a chance to win her :)

Lavender Dreams

Oh, how sweet of you! I love your precious kitty and he would love Florida! Happy New Year! ♥


Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty :)

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