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Miss Paula

Love the pictures in the post!! I gave you a shout out in my blog today!


What a charming little spot. And I smiled throughout your discussion of your former business and your annual open house. Humble beginnings, but all that talent still very much in evidence in your home and in your business. So cool!

Teresa Kasner

That takes me back too.. I had a stained glass business with my 2 sisters called "Clear Expressions" and we each made certain things and had home parties. I also came up with the idea of having an arts association out here in Corbett, and "Larch Mt. Country Artisans" was the result.. with annual shows and all. I took a break from the organization, then came back and took my jewelry to a jury.. and do you believe the 3 person jury all voted no to let me back in the annual show? Oh well! I didn't mean to go on about that... :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


What a wonderful place to visit. The pumpkin carving is beautiful, what a lot of work to do.


Hello! I am new to your blog! I have looked here a few times, but this is the first time I have commented. I love this post about Pumpkin Hollow Mill! This place is exactly the kind of thing that I love! I absolutely love folk art...especially the Christmas stuff. I'm glad you posted the picture of the little tree with all the ornaments and the dried orange slices!! I want to make those for my tree this year and I forgot all about it! Thank you, I will be slicing up my tangerines and drying them in the oven today. Also, looking at these photos brought back a memory I had long forgotten. The holiday open house you talked about...I remember going to something like that, on a big piece of land, in a big, old, beautiful, weathered barn. I feel like it was one of those things that was word of mouth invitation as well...but for the life of me, I cannot even remember where it was...but it was absolutely fantastic! By the way, that little mouse you bought is so darn cute!!

Account Deleted

This looks like just the sort of place that I would love to visit. I love simple folk art and old country things. That wooden bowl full of gingerbread men and greenery is the perfect combination.

A few of my friends and I, used to give a craft sale similar to yours, every year in November. We held it in the home of a friend who has the most amazing home, decorated in old things. We did that for about 20 years. Well, they did. I participated in the last 10 or 15 years or so. I can't even remember now, it was such a large part of my life, for so long. It was such a lovely time, and people used to line up outside the house waiting to get in, every year, so they could have first choice of our crafts.

I love the booklets you used to make. I bet a lot of people held on to those. They remind me of the old Holly Berry Hill catalogs. I still have all of those, with Christine Crockers drawings in them.

Thank you for sharing your visit to such a lovely place with us.



What an amazing woodcarving! I'll pass the link on to family members, up there.
Loved seeing the photos of your catalog from the eighties. I think they hold much more charm than the slick, digital catalogs of today (though I'm certain they must have taken a lot of work in those pre-digital days!). What wonderful memories you must have made during that time.
Glad your family had a happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for the sunshine you bring to this virtual world!

vicki haninger

Thanks Miss Paula--you're a sweetheart!

vicki haninger

I'm so pleased when I stumble upon another home business such as this. It is very inspiring to me, and hopefully to others.

vicki haninger

That must've been a bitter pill to swallow; not to let you back into the association you founded. Strange how these things sometimes "evolve". If that was their attitude, you were probably better off without them! (I'm sending you a HUG.)

vicki haninger

Yes, a whole bunch of work went into that place, and their saltbox home. Very nice of them to share it with us all too!

vicki haninger

Hi Bonnie, welcome! I'm glad you stopped by and left a comment. You reminded me of a "barn event" I went to years ago in Scappoose, Oregon. I found out about it in a magazine (Country Living--I think it was), and I drove over 1,000 miles to get there as I lived out of state at the time. It was fantastic! I STILL have the hand-carved wooden chicken I bought!

vicki haninger

What lovely memories we are stirring up together! Please tell me more about the Holly Berry Hill catalogs and Christine Crockers. Haven't heard of them before, but they sound fun!

vicki haninger

Thanks Tinker--you're a faithful friend!

Account Deleted

Once upon a time, Dee Foust and Nicol Sayre had a mail order buisness called Holly Berry Hill. They sold their handmade crafts and patterns through a catalog. Over time, the catalog came to include other artist's handmade things and patterns as well. One of those artists was Christine Crocker, who helped to illustrate the catalog. It was a charming thing. All black and white on the look of old paper, and it was mostly hand drawn. I still look through them from time to time, and I was so sad, when they stopped printing it, and sharing their patterns. I think that catalog made a great number of people very happy every few months.

vicki haninger

Wonderful to know! I guess all good things must come to an end sometime...(sigh)!

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