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Linda Tackett

My parents always picked all of the green tomatoes before the frost and put them in a dark storeroom and they had fresh tomatoes for weeks. I am sure yours will ripen just fine.


Congrats on the feature! And thanks for sharing the pix of the maple--we haven't seen many colors like that around here yet!


Congrats on being featured! The work on your state flower quilt is certainly worthy!

Denise :)

Love the pic of your beautiful tree! Autumn color is splendiferous! :)

vicki haninger

Thats great advice! Thanks Linda!


Good luck with the tomatoes. I've picked some green ones already and boxed them layered between newspaper and eventually they ripened and were pretty tasty! Your quilt is awesome~congratulations on the features!!

Bobbi M

The tree is absolutely beautiful! It's like tree candy, it's just so yummy to look at! :)

Teresa Kasner

Looooove your photo of the tomatoes! I need a garden badly next year. You're lucky to have a color tree.. we had a sweet gum, but it blew over.. our sugar maple died off and we had to take it down.. now we had to take our big leaf maple down. I guess we need to plant a sweet gum where it will thrive.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

vicki haninger

Oh, what aGREAT tip--thanksfor sharing it here!

vicki haninger

Im happy to report that the tomatoes are ripening up quite nicely here on the ledge.

Too bad about your trees.We lost a beautiful old maple tree this year as well, andare looking at havingto take down a dozen birch treesbecause of the birch beetle infestation here in Oregon.Its always something!Sweet gums are nice, Iplanted a forest pansy3 years ago and itsshaping upbeautifully. Nice color on it this year, as well.

vicki haninger

Tree candy! I like that--no calories either. Perfect!


LUCKY you...the rats ate my tomatos:(

maybe I wi;; try celery....its so useful in so many things!!!!!

Dorothy Crutchfield

I don't know which is the prettiest, the tomatoes in the window or the maple tree outside!


Soooooooo pretty!
xo, Cheryl

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