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I've never had anything made with rosehips before. Oh my, what a lot of work! I love the way dried rosehips look though. They are perfect for autumn decorating, and I once had a wreath made from them. It lasted for years and was beautiful. I'd like to have another, one day.

Love those little paper hats! Wouldn't those be lovely for Christmas time gift giving too. With a sprig of evergreen? I love red gingham!


Teresa Kasner

You are amazing! I also love rose hips as they add so much color to my rose plants. Let us know how it tastes on those crumpets. :-)
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

jenny b harris

Loooove those gingham jar-toppers! I've never even tried putting anything up, much less rosehip jelly from the fruits of my own yard! I'm so envious!


Omigosh. That bottle of jelly is worth a fortune! You must try to describe the flavor for us. I can't even imagine.


I didn't know one could make jelly from rose hips. I wonder what it taste like. I would definitely try it:)

vicki haninger

Yes, a lot of work as jam making tends to be, but more so with rosehips, in my opinion. I also love the dried hips, so pretty! You can dry them on a cookie sheet in a warm oven too, the whole house will smell wonderful. Like apples and roses, hard to describe. But nice!!

vicki haninger

They taste amazing--like a tart autumn apple dipped in rose honey!

Honestly, it is hard to describe the flavor, but similar to apples.

vicki haninger

I flipped out when I saw those toppers too-- I've already got a small order on the way. Couldn't resist!

vicki haninger

So, the flavor, I was trying to think of how to describe it...to me it taste like tart apples dipped in rose honey...see comment below...yes, I think that sums it up perfectly!

vicki haninger

Oh you must try it if ever you get the chance. It's quite good, but what makes it remarkable is the Vitamin C and other health benefits from the rosehips themselves. Otherwise, I'm not sure anyone would go to the trouble!

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