Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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I love your blog no matter what! Those pumpkins and corn are very colorful indeed!


Sigh. I can fully understand wanting to simplify, and as someone who has just left dial-up for broadband this year I can appreciate having the page load faster, but I confess I miss your list of blog links. I got introduced to a lot of fun blogs that I wouldn't have otherwise found. That being said, the new format in no way detracts from the awesomeness of your beautiful blog, so do what makes things good for YOU!


The colours of thse pumpkins are stunning. We don't often get the grey pumpkins with the bright flesh inside here,they are my favourites.


You got rid of your linkies? I mean I was never there, so what should I care? But still you could have put them all in a button, or something. Bad move sister, especially promoting a book.


Hmmm, I love to find other great blogs of like minded folk from blogs I visit. But if you felt the need to simplify so be it Sweet Lady!


I lost all my blog links one day long ago... and never replaced them.

Simplify, simplify.


Actually, I found YOUR blog through a link, SO????? Personally, I like the feature.


Hi again =)
I only hope you will not delete your older post.... Coz I still go back 2 look at things there. Like the popcorn thingie last halloween :p
You have 2 know that we keep our eyes on every move you make in here ;))
Hugs, Kirvil.


I've been thinking of doing that, getting rid of my blog list. When I go to visit a blog, rarely do I go to a link on the blog. I just visit the blog. It does load up faster now. Thanks!
As always your pictures are great.


I hope you do not delete your older posts too! I love to go back and look at them. As far as listing the links,I didn't use it. If you wrote about something in particular I wanted to know more about, that is when I might view another link. You are still my favorite. Keep up the great work!


I love the quick up-load! As far as links - they are great but I usually link from the comments section anyway. :) That way if they have a blog it is usually a working link.


Wow. You might have warned us so we might have had a chance to save those we "thought" would be there next time we checked in. Crap.


You are one of the first bloggers I found a couple of years ago...and I have always enjoyed coming here. I love your blog. I like the bountiful pumpkin and Indian corn photos.


I read thru bloglines so the link list isn't something I look at. If this works for you then that's what's important. No one should feel obligated to advertise for other bloggers, because basically that's what it is. Especially if they never link back. Just my 2 cents!


Great Blog; love your format. Will miss the links, but change is good.
Just keep on with the inspiration.

Fiona Flanders

I've been reading through the comments and I'm surprised that (some) people have such strong feelings about your blog roll. It was a nice feature but not the main reason I visit your site. When I find blogs I like I subscribe to them. If people are now upset because they can't find the blogs they once visited without your links, that seems to be their problem, not your responsibility. You're not getting paid to promote anyone or obligated to provide additonal services to readers. Blogs are essentially free entertainment afterall! I just think it's rude and ridiculous to assume otherwise. I am a huge fan, with or without the links.


I too loved the links for other blogs but I also appreciate how quickly the page loads now, I'm still on dial-up so this is better for me. Thank you for sharing all that you do!


Those pumpkins and gourds are amazing! I love the Indian corn too. Such pretty colors. We grew some last year for fun but they didn't turn out as pretty as yours. Will you be doing anything special with them?


Oh my! I want some of those blue ones! BEAUTIFUL!



Wow, there is another Velma!

I'm your old friend who loves to garden and do the canning. I too love your blog, and like to look back at your older posts. I am not concened about the links.

You have a faithful reader here!


Lovely Fall pics!

Pam Kellogg

Hi Vicki! It's always a pleasure to visit your blog! And yes, I'm there! The extra darkness makes me crazy but I confess, I get way more stitching done this time of year than I do in the Summer months. And I'm okay with that!

Hugs, Pam

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