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Teresa Kasner

I'm so proud of you! I'd love to have such beautiful beans in my garden! We had such a short season this year I didn't even try to plant one.. but maybe next year.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Wow. I can imagine the immense pleasure and satisfaction. There is nothing like the right tool for the job at the right time.


I bought a large pressure canner last year. I agree with you, it can be a bit scary using it for the first time. It made my summer canning a lot easier too. Congratulations on a job well done. Did you and the girls do a happy dance when you were through? I did. :-)

vicki haninger

The season was short for summer vegetables, we still have lettuce! Let's hope we have a warmer season next summer so you can get some beans!

vicki haninger

So true! I'm thrilled we were able to preserve all those beans, otherwise, we'd be eatin' a lot of them this week and next. :oL

vicki haninger

Oh my yes...we did the happy dance around the kitchen!


Vicki, I'm a quiet lurker who is really enjoying working on the state flower squares, although I came in really late. Thanks for such a fun project!

On a canning note, I highly recommend this propane burner to can with outdoors.


Much safer especially when pressure-canning, keeps a steady heat, and gets things rolling much faster than a kitchen stove. I love mine and now prefer using it since all the heat and risk is kept outside. The only hassle is bringing in hot jars when you're done. But they can be left out in the garage to cool, so that's not really an issue.

Sure enjoy your blog!

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