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Unwind, switch gears, we'll be waiting :)


Just purchased my unbleached muslin at Joann's today. Three yards. I know it won't take that much, but wanted to have some extra on hand. $7.99 a yard...doable. Also, we found two abandoned glass topped end tables on the side of the road. Light box! Cheap. John is taking from one to create one good one. Then all I'll have to do is paint it and use it to trace out my patterns. I'm going to follow your layout, but place the flowers in order of the state's entrance to the union. I can't wait to get going. I know this is going to take me a good long while.

Teresa Kasner

I am feeling the same slow down.. my 2 granddaughters moved to Ohio and I'm having to let go.. breathe.. grieve. See you when you get back.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


I know you are deserving your much needed wind down time. You will be missed. I hope you have a very Hapy Birthday! I look forward to your return.


Oh, I'm going to have to plant some "snowball" like dahlias next spring!


Ooooooh ... I am in love with that wall paper.

And the stitching.

And Fall.


Miss Paula

Hi Vicki! I have been without my laptop for so long and I hardly get on the family computer because of the way I have to sit on it! Hurts back... But I want you to know that I am still a fan!! You are still on my sidebar and you are still an inspiration!!

I am thrilled about your book!! Are the Fall patterns in your book? I am a little confused about this little tidbit!! Enjoy your time away and I can't wait to hear from you!! (I usually visit on my ITouch! Think I NEED a laptop!)


That painting of the hamster is so beautiful and sweet, I thought you bought it and was going to ask where! :) Apparently artistic talent runs in the family!

vicki haninger

What a great idea for making a light table! And free at that. Have fun with the state blocks--they are small and stitch up quicker than you might think.

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