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This turned out so lovely! This is definitely on my "to-do" list!


It looks great! Thanks for sharing the experience us and sharing the blocks along the way!


OH MY WORDDDDDDD!!!! It's gorgeous!!! I love it. I am so inspired - of course we all are!!!

Question - did you sew each block individually? Or did you use a long row of squares and add a stitch later as you quilted the columns together?

BREATAKING and excellent color choice.
Pacific Palisades, CA

Jean C.

Good for you! I can't believe it's been that long! It turned out so nice... you should feel great about it!
Hope that you are/did put a tag on the back that explains all about it! Cause someday someone is going to be looking at it and saying.... I wonder how long this one took!


It turned beautifully! I was wondering if you would use a sashing, or the color of binding. It's a work of art, thanks for taking us on this journey :)


So very pretty! It has been fun seeing you complete this project!


I am so in love with this quilt--yours is so beautifully made. Thank you for sharing the pattern, I am beginning it tonight.

Mom Wald's Place

You must be so very, very proud of yourself. I know we are!

Mom Wald's Place

You must be so very, very proud of yourself. I know we are!


beautifull, Thanks you for alls patterns designs


Merci aussi , pour vos motifs sur Flickr; je le ferais plus tard,


Hooray! Beautiful! I have only six blocks done! :) But I'm trundling onward! Thanks so much for offering these patterns. I'm so glad to be able to make the quilt and I love how yours came out.


Really beautiful-love the border and binding fabric you finished with!


Bee-you-tee ful! Thank you for sharing not only these photos of your lovely quilt, but also the patterns for all of the flowers! What a lovely inspiration.


Beautiful job! Love the green color of the edging material. It really stands out.


Without fanfare? I'm pretty sure that I hear trumpets. Wow! It came out so beautifully. Love the color you've selected for the edging and the polka dot fabric, too. Okay, off to see the other pictures. Woo hoo! Well done!!

Account Deleted

Whoo hoo! I'm so proud for you Vicki.

It looks lovely, and is a wonderful gift to your family.




YAY! You finished it! What are you going to do with it? Keep it or give it to someone? It is sooooooooo wonderful. I bet it is cozy as can be.
xo, Cheryl


Your quilt is beautiful. Your colors and handwork are outstanding. I am so far behind on my embroidering of the blocks that I fear I will be a long time finishing. You did inspire me to get back to it.
Thank you for sharing a great project that is fun to work on. I am glad I ordered the iron-on transfers for the flowers. They are so easy to use.

Account Deleted

Wow Vicky, what an accomplishment! Your Quilt is just Lovely!


Your quilt is absolutely beautiful!

xoxo Kim


Wow, Vicki, it's just gorgeous! I love the polka dot fabric on the edge. Thanks for sharing the patterns with us and also your beautiful quilt!

Teresa Kasner

A-maaaaaaaaa-zing quilt! I'm so impressed! Love it. I do hope you're keeping this.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Carol A.

Totally awesome! On my to-do list! Downloaded, this will be a good take-along project! Thanks for sharing.

Donna Mac

What an amazing accomplishment!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! You must be feeling mighty, mighty proud.


BEAUTIFUL... but I knew it would be. You are so talented!


Absolutely stunning!! What a beautiful heirloom it will make. Kudos to you!!

Betsy Thompson

The quilt turned out beautifully! I've been reading your blog for some time and learned so much while watching your progress. I love the color you chose for the border. What an accomplishment!


Marlene R

I'm so glad I have all 50 states now. It is a beautiful quilt. I have so many projects but this one I will do. Thank you for having this as a free project. Lovely, Lovely, Lovely. God Bless

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