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Thank you so much for posting the State Flowers. I appreciate the time that you have devoted to doing this great gift for your readers. I have found just how wonderful quilters and embroiderers are to their fellow human beings, since finding Blogs and Hobby sites. Sending blessings your way.


I love every single block, can't wait to see the finished product:)


Congrats on finishing the embroidery. It's beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished quilt. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful patterns with us. I started in June and I'm working on my 15th square right now.


Thank you for including all those diagrams. That's very helpful. Just when I think I've decided a thing... And thank you most especially for all the work you've done on this project thus far and to share it with your readers. So generous of you! Don't forget to thank your assistant for me, too.


I have enjoyed seeing each and every flower you have embroidered, as well as reading about the history. It has been a beautiful journey. I can't wait to see your finished project hanging on your wall.

Searching through your archives, I found your blackberry cobbler recipe and made it for my family. They loved it! Thank you for all that you have given us. You are truely a blessing.

Mom Wald's Place

You are absolutely right. This is a perfect finish, and a perfect flower!


Oh my goodness what a beautiful project, am excited to see the finished quilt :)

Teresa Kasner

How nice to end up with one of the most magnificent flowers in appearance and aroma. I have lavender, purple and white here on our farm and adore them. Have you popped over to see my blog pix from my camping trip? Hope so!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


How lovely!! I live in this beautiful state and love lilacs. One of NH's state songs is "Where the Purple Lilacs Grow". Thanks for sharing.

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