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Account Deleted

Very beautiful.


Simply gorgeous,adore the lupines:)

Sharon M.

A lovely pic and a lovely post--now I'm sighing!


Didn't now that lupines came in white. I have a white garden so I'm always on the look out for those pale gems.


Beautiful white flowers. Has given me an idea for a border. Thank you


I love white flowers! So pretty.


How very nice, calming, and altogether lovely.


Such lovely photography. As usual!

Account Deleted

Oh so pretty! White flowers are some of my favorites, always, and I truly love lupines. I always think of that wonderful book Miss Rumphius, by Babara Clooney when I see them. I have the purple ones, but I would love some white ones. I shall have to look for them, one day.



Mother Nature has truely blessed you. There is nothing more beautiful than a natural garden. May you always have reasons to sigh.

vicki haninger

Oh, I love Miss Rumphius! That book is on my book shelf somewhere, I must dig it out and read it again...it's been too long!

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