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Oh, how I love dear Raggedy Ann! I love the stories and the dolls. My poor Raggedy Ann really looks her age...faded, worn and she has some bald spots! I keep her in my cedar chest and she brings back such fond memories.

Natalie VV

A family summer camp! Marvelous.

Pam Kellogg

Vicki, it sounds like you have some fun times coming. I know you need it. I have always loved Raggedy Ann! I have mine sitting on my grandma's cedar chest in my living room. My mom made my Raggedy Ann doll when I was little. She's well loved but I enjoy having her out where I can see her.

Hugs, Pam


WHERE did you get that new looking Raggedy Ann? Mine looked the same, but she is all old and loved up.
xo, Cheryl


I'm curious about the quilt in the basket with the annie. The one with the house. I'd love to see it :) What pattern is it also. Thanks!!

vicki haninger

I blogged about that particular quilt way back in
2005, the title post was: "Homespun Quilt"
here's the URL: http://turkeyfeathers.typepad.com/

Or..you can also find it under the QUILTS
category (left sidebar); and probably more
quickly if you click on the Archives title link
(below left) and scroll down to November 2005.

vicki haninger

Ha! I love Raggedy Ann too. We have others that have not faired so well, I kept this one hidden (for myself).

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