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LOVE this. As they would say in North Carolina (my son lives there)...that is real purty, darlin.

xo, Cheryl

Account Deleted

Miss Rumphius is one of my favorite books. I've given it as gifts many times, and it always becomes a favorite it seems. The story and illustrations are lovely, and so is this square. I love dogwood trees. I have a pink one, but the white ones are my favorites.



I thought we had just seen this flower.

The story about Lily and your lupine/white garden just makes me smile. How very special.

Pam Kellogg

Oh Vicki, I am so sorry to hear about your beautiful Lily. I remember being so taken with her beautiful eyes and am so happy to have recreated her in cross stitch for you.

My heart is with you and your family.

Hugs, Pam

vicki haninger

Thank you Pam, I am also very grateful to have her immortalized in stitch! I'm sending you a hug back. :o)

As a matter of fact, we were just talking about that pillow/pattern recently and how neat is was that we have it. Lily was such a big part of our family and we miss her terribly--still. I appreciate your kindness!



I just came across your blog looking for a hibiscus pattern. I realized this state quilt pattern is one that my late grandmother must have used to create a beautiful state flower quilt for my mother. I am writing my mother to see if I can get a photo of it (complete with 'prairie rose' spelled wrong!) and will share it with you when I get it. I am so excited to have come across this. Thanks!

vicki haninger

Excellent! I look forward to seeing it. I've also heard from a few others whose moms, aunts, and grandmothers made this quilt back in the day!


Pam Kellogg

I'm glad I was able to do that for you Vicki. I confess, my heart is still broken. I was just so taken with her beauty and it was so obvious how much you loved her. She was such a beautiful kitty.

Hugs, Pam

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